Senior executives have become more critical of the indiscriminate use of external strategy consulting firms. These may deploy inordinately large teams that over-complicate the problem at hand, establish heavy project structures, disrupt the on-going business, and entice middle managers to abdicate an essential part of their responsibility.

Hence senior executives increasingly follow two alternative approaches.

In some circumstances, they need a capable, experienced and trusted advisor to intervene on a specific matter discretely, fast and in a focused way. The advisor's mission is to produce a relevant and intelligent perspective on the real issues and alternative solutions, thus enabling effective executive decision-making.

In other circumstances, they need a skillful, energizing yet unassuming counselor to support an internal ad hoc team set up to undertake a consulting-like project. The counselor's mission is to train, guide or back the internal project team and its leader, thus enabling the delivery of high-quality timely results.

We serve senior executives both ways. Our excellence flows from three sources: our long past experience at a leading global strategy consulting firm, the business-relevant applied research we do, and the fit of our individual personality and style with the roles of advisor and counselor.

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