Fad-Free Strategy

Rigorous Methods to Help Executives Make Strategic Choices Confidently

Many strategy books suggest simplistic solutions to complicated problems. They offer rules based on anecdotal evidence pieced together from today's hero companies, and they promise top line and margin growth to executives applying those rules. Unsurprisingly, many business strategies fail, despite great execution.

Fad-Free Strategy provides a ground-breaking alternative. It recognizes that the choices that customers make rather than supposedly universal rules ultimately determine the success of a business strategy. It offers rigorous yet highly accessible economic tools to uncover hidden customer preferences. As a result, executives will be able to predict with confidence which strategic options will lead to commercial success.

Please visit the Fad-Free Strategy website for more information: endorsements, Q&A, tutorials, reviews, articles and much more. You can order the book at Amazon or the publisher Routledge

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