Senior executives call upon us when they need a skillful, energizing yet unassuming counselor to support an internal ad hoc team set up to undertake a consulting-like project. For example, a team that is re-thinking a business process after a merger; revising the company's innovation portfolio; elaborating a business plan for entering a new market; etc.

Our mission is to train, guide or back the internal project team and its leader, thus enabling the delivery of high-quality timely results.

We support the team's planning. Planning is about the allocation of tasks as a function of the nature and complexity of the issue, the set timelines and the available resources.

We support the team's teaming. Teaming is about the mobilization of talents, the motivation and development of team members, conflict management, and having fun.

We support the team's content creation. Content creation is about analyzing the issue, gathering evidence through field and desk work, and conceptualizing the conclusions.

We support the team's communication. Communications is about identifying the clients, managing the expectations, facilitating alignment, delivering a convincing story, and getting feedback.

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